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The Weekly

Summer ACE Classes

The Elders encourage you to attend the summer ACE class “Hills to Die On” as we continue to introduce various elements of our statement of faith.  Each class will highlight one area that is part of our statement of faith and will also include some of the distinctives we plan to introduce to the church body.  Our updated version of the statement of faith and distinctives will be presented to the ACE class toward the end of the series, and class time on Sunday, August 29 will be dedicated to answering your questions.  The purpose in updating our statement of faith is to make it a living document in our body–more teachable, useable for vetting and training our teachers and a statement that is posted on our website so those looking for a church home know what we believe. You will have an opportunity for input and to vote on the new statement of faith, since it is part of our church constitution, at an upcoming congregational meeting.


Using Your Talents and Abilities

UBC is looking for people who desire to serve the Lord by using their talents and abilities. Clearly, the Bible teaches we all have different gifts to contribute to the life of the church.

Do you know how to paint, garden, do carpentry work, know electronics or have experience in the trades? Then our Trustees would like to get to know you! Contact Keith Tucker or Dave Babcock.

Do you enjoy working with children, or reading to them, or rocking babies, or helping them do crafts or teaching? Then our Children’s Ministry team would like to get to know you! Contact Angie Jacobson.

How about making music, singing, running our slide show during services, running our video or online services or operating our sound board? Then our Music Ministry needs you! Contact Pastor Matt Beck.

Are you outgoing, love people and giving them a smile and a warm greeting? Then our Connection Ministry would love to get to know you! Contact Pastor Mike Beaudin.

There are other opportunities listed on the Connection Card in the Bulletin. We anticipate a great new opportunity to reach people in our community this summer and fall and need YOU to help us serve them!

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