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Thank You Letter from Dave & Donna Jacobsson

Dear Ustick Baptist Church Family,

It was a privilege to worship together with you July 4 when we were in the USA for a short visit. Dave was invited to briefly share an update about the increased violence and insecurity in Congo’s eastern region where we serve and MAF’s evacuation from our Nyankunde base in mid-April. The entire village fled the fighting and were displaced in the bush in difficult conditions for several months. During the time of displacement, there was systematic looting of homes in Nyankunde and most people lost everything. We were overwhelmed by the loving response from you all. Through your gifts we were able to purchase household items for 20+ pastor, church leaders and elder families in Nyankunde (at the main church as well as the smaller chapels in the village) to help them begin again. We were also able to bless 34 elderly widows with beautiful new Congolese fabric for clothing. We still plan to get mattresses for these widows and other vulnerable elderly. Dave had the joy of delivering the gifts to Nyankunde in July.

We’ve received phone calls and text messages from individual pastor and elder families expressing their joy and thanksgiving as well as a group thank you letter from the elders. Here’s their letter (translated from Swahili):

(August 25, 2021) “Beloved Brothers and Sisters, We greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We, the Elders of Community Emmanuel Nyankunde want to give you all great thanks for the wonderful help of your prayers and for the gifts of all the household items via our MAF missionaries here in Nyankunde–when you heard of the great problems and losses we have suffered from the recent war. Truly we understand that we have brothers and sisters in Christ who pray for us and fellowship with us in the joys and also during the hard difficulties. God bless you for the love and fellowship that you have shown us. Please continue to pray for us and all of Nyankunde. Sincerely, from the Pastors and Elders of Nuyankunde Evangelical Assembly/Community Emmanuel

A few weeks ago, the main Nyankunde church held a joint service of thanksgiving and praise to God and gave opportunities for individuals to publicly share their testimonies of God’s provision and tender care during the upheaval and trauma. It strengthened our faith to learn of God’s amazing faithfulness in the lives of His people during painful times that were so dire and felt so hopeless. It was an extremely difficult time of uncertainty, hunger, illness and discomfort, yet God provided and strengthened in marvelous ways.

Pastor Kabaku (elder and Director of the Nyankunde Bible School) wrote his family’s thanks: “It is difficult to adequately express our gratitude. When we received this gift, during our family prayer time in the evening, we all felt immense joy and declared to each other that God is good and He remains God. It was a difficult time, but it never exceeds the power of our God. Thus, I am convinced that you will pass this message on to those who have given and continue to pray for us. Therefore, I am grateful for their daily prayer for us and I am convinced that God remains the Master of circumstance and time. One day we will forget all these unfortunate and difficult times on this earth, for we will be in His presence and joy forever. May God give them back a hundredfold. (Hebrews 6:10) He is Emmanuel !!!! God with us!!!”

On behalf of the Christians in Nyankunde, and from our own hearts–thank you, thank you, thank you! We pray that you will be encouraged by the testimony of these dear ones of God’s faithfulness–as we have been. Thank you for your encouragement and continued prayers! May His Kingdom come.

In His wonderful grace and love–Dave and Donna Jacobsson
MAF East DRC, Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo



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