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Foreign Missions

Supporting Missions from Ustick Baptist Church


Foreign Missions

Part of the purpose of the Foreign Mission Committee is to keep you informed and up to date with what God is doing through Ustick Baptist Church to reach the world for Christ. We want to encourage you to be an active participant in missions through prayer. Please pray for the missionaries that we support.

The Foreign Mission Committee is comprised of dedicated volunteers who pray, serve, and provide missionary encouragement and financial stewardship for the resources used to support Ustick Baptist Missions.

If you have any questions or interests in missions here at Ustick Baptist Church please contact our Mission Committee at missions@ustickbaptist.org. Please continue to pray that the Lord will raise up more laborers to send out into His harvest! God bless you all here at UBC and thanks for your support as we celebrate missions here at Ustick Baptist Church and in reaching the world for Christ!



Meet our Missionaries


Dave & Donna Jacobsson

Missionaries with MAF, serving Christ in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Served for 20+ years
  • Dave is a pilot/mechanic, Donna is a homemaker (RN by training)
  • We have seen their Christian witness firsthand and know that they are dedicated workers
  • They have tremendous impact within both the Congo and local church communities

Sam & Melody K.

Missionaries serving in Thailand, SEND International – TESOL East Asia

  • Have been in the field for nearly 20 years
  • Sam and Melody have served as educators at Faith Academy (Manila)
  • Sam has instituted and led SEND’s TESOL efforts in Manila for the past 10 years
  • Sam and Melody are instituting a new TESOL program in East Asia

Cassie W.

Consultant-in-Training with Wycliffe Bible Translators – serving in Asia

  • She joined Wycliffe in 2013 and works with national deaf teams making available the Good News of Christ for the deaf
  • Contact Information:
  • www.wycliffe.org

Nathan & Annie Phillips

Serving in France with BLF (Bibles & Literature in French)

  • Nathan & Annie Phillips serve as career missionaries with BLF (Bibles and Literature in French) in Marpent, France. They both work at the BLF Publishing House in France. Together they have served in the publishing house for BLF since their marriage in 2012. They are fluent in the French language and are active  servants for the Lord in their local French church in Feignies, France.

Bri S.

Bri serves with Cru in France for North Africa.