Friday Apr 3, 2020 – Update on the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Church Family,

This morning I was having some time in the Word when I read this verse from Proverbs 18:10 – “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and is safe.”

As I read that I thought about what real safety is. It is not that we won’t suffer, face trials or sickness like Covid-19. Christians are not exempt from the fallen world of dis-ease and disease. We are though “safe in the arms of Jesus” in that He never leaves us nor forsakes us and is “a very present help in time of trouble”. He is a “strong tower” of peace, comfort, grace, strength and the ultimate “safety” of our lives being in His saving hands.

So as we “run to Him” in these unprecedented times, I pray that we call on Him moment by moment to navigate this pandemic in a way that brings Him glory and sees how even this crisis is working together for our good as His followers (Romans 8:28).

In navigating this time where we cannot gather for worship and ministry, we as church leaders are doing our best to keep connected with the fellowship until it is safe to meet together again. To that end we want you to know that this Sunday at 10:30am we will be livestreaming our church worship service. That means you can go to our website ( and follow the link to join us “virtually” as Pastor Matt and some of the Worship Team lead us in worship and as I bring a message from God’s Word. We will also be having Communion. So please plan to grab some bread and juice where you can participate at home in remembering our Lord Jesus’ death for our sins on the cross. It is not the same as all of us being together in one place, but it reminds us that what binds us together beyond proximity is Jesus and His love for us!

I look forward to “virtually” being with you Sunday and throughout the Sundays ahead until we can once more physically be together.

God bless and keep you all!

 Serving with you,

Pastor Greg

P.S. Once again I can’t thank you enough for your continued generosity in supporting the church financially during this crisis. We are so blessed by your giving! You can continue to give as the Lord leads through online giving on our website or by mailing a check to the church at 14301 W. McMillan Road, Boise, ID  83713.

Ministries and Activities Temporarily Suspended Until further notice

  • Sunday worship services, prayer group and Christian education sessions
  • Mon Awana – Click Here for more Info on Awana
  • Tue BSF
  • Tue/Wed Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies
  • Wed Youth group
  • Thu GEMS gathering
  • Growth Groups

Future Events

  • March Congregational Meeting postponed till a future date
  • Women’s April retreat postponed till the fall
  • Boise Harvest Crusade in May postponed to a future date –Click Here for more info

How Can We Help Each Other

Friday Mar 27, 2020 - Update on the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Church Family,

Yesterday we received word that our Governor has issued a “stay at home order” for the citizens of Idaho in order to fight the deadly COVID- 19 virus. While this is not unexpected it certainly causes great disruption to so many including our church family and staff. In order to comply with this order, be socially responsible as a church and to do all that we can to stop the spread of this disease, we are effectively shutting down the church facilities. The office will be closed and the facilities will be shut down. I have instructed all the staff to comply with this order and stay at home. However, please note as I have shared before, the Church as the Bride of Christ remains “open” through all of this and we remember that we are God’s people even as we are scattered. I know we will gather again and what a glorious reunion that will be! In the meantime, you can access this Sunday’s sermon at our website at as well as worship music. We will do our best to figure out how to have a “service” available to you in the following weeks and will communicate to you as soon as we can what our plans are.

If you need to contact me you can do so at or in case of emergency please call Pastor Mike at 208-283-7034. He will then be able to contact me and all other staff. We stand ready to help you all in any way we can, and our Elders will be in contact with us as well and we will continue to shepherd this great “flock” of the Lord as best we can.

Finally, many people are suffering through this time and making great sacrifices. As God’s people I know you are praying, worshiping on your own and trying to stay in touch with our fellowship as best you can. I am so proud of our church and your commitment to our Lord. Once again in all of the turmoil we remember, “for this we have Jesus”! God bless you dear church.

Pastor Greg


We so appreciate your continued generosity in giving to your church. Someone will still check the church mail each day and we will make sure that those deposits are made. You can still give online at our church website.

Saturday Mar 21, 2020 - Update on the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Church Family,

As we continue to do our best to respond to the pandemic sweeping our world, our great concern is for this “flock” that the Lord has entrusted to us at Ustick. We long to see you, worship all together with you and keep studying God’s Word together and just return to ministry together! However, as we have met recently and been counseled by the medical community, we understand that our continued “separation” is the best way to not only keep Covid-19 from spreading but it really is an act of love for our church family and our neighbors.

With that in mind, we will continue to suspend all ministries including Christian Education on Sunday mornings and our Sunday morning worship services until health care officials let us know that it is safe to meet again. We don’t know when that will be but we have been advised that it could be after the school year ends. This means that most likely we will not be able to hold Good Friday or Easter Sunday services.

Our fervent prayer is that this will all be over sooner rather than later! But our greatest prayer is that this will be a God ordained opportunity for greater growth as Christians. We pray that our roots in Jesus will deepen with our personal time in the Word and prayer. We pray that we will remember that the facilities of our meeting together may be closed but that the true church is always open because of our personal relationship with Jesus as our Savior. We also pray that this will be an intense time of reaching out in love to one another through every means at our disposal and as a great opportunity to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Please make sure you keep checking our church website at for further updates and for ways to help one another during this difficult time. Please take time to listen to each week’s sermon online as well as to join in worship through music. Also our hope is that soon we will be able to provide a “live stream” worship experience where, through our website, you can join us at the same time each Sunday for a live video of our worship in music as well as the sermon.

Finally, there’s a verse that we on staff keep coming back to. It is Psalm 46:1 that says:

“God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble.”

May you know that strength of the Lord and may we all remember that the Word of God, His power and His presence is never “quarantined” from His people!

God bless you all!

Pastor Greg
for the Elders
Saturday March 21, 2020

Saturday Mar 14, 2020 - Update on the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear friends,

I want to update you on important developments concerning our church’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak that has now come to our state.

Through much prayer and discussion, our church leadership has made the difficult decision to suspend all ministry gatherings at the church facilities through the end of March.

We are taking these actions in order to conform to the advice and direction of governmental entities to help suppress the outbreak. Most importantly, in seeking to follow Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor as yourself,” we believe it is important to avoid putting people at risk—especially the vulnerable, whether in our church family or in our community—by gathering together.

For the next three Sundays, we will provide online opportunities for you to worship with family and friends in your own homes.

It saddens me to not be able to gather together in person temporarily, but I trust that God is in control and I believe that this is the direction He has asked us to take. I pray this will be a very short-term situation. In the meantime, let’s seize every opportunity to show Christ’s love to those around us in these unprecedented circumstances!

Please continue to pray with me for this situation, as together we put our trust in the Lord who is sovereign and faithful.

Pastor Greg
Saturday March 14, 2020


How do I stay updated on this situation and other church news?

We will be updating this website and communicating through email and Facebook.

WIll Young Adults Continue To Meet?

Pastor Ryan will be in-touch with you regarding that decision.

WIll Growth Groups Continue To Meet?

At this point we are asking that the Growth Groups not meet in person, but rather take advantage of zoom or other social media platforms.

When will we know more?

The Elders and staff will be closely assessing the situation on a regular basis and will communicate any updates.

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