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ACE Classes

Adult Christian Education

Our Adult Christian Education (ACE) classes are designed to help adults systematically study and actively apply God’s truth to their lives.

The classes cover a wide range of topics, from Marriage to Ethics, Church History to Systematic Theology, as well as classes on specific Bible books. We offer several classes each quarter taught by a variety of teachers, and you can jump into a class at any point. With no homework and free childcare, ACE classes are a great option for all adults.

Join us on Sunday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00 AM as we learn and grow together!

Current ACE Classes

The Book of Hebrews

March 4 – June 3, 2018
Teacher: Art Beauchene

Join us as we begin a 13-week journey in the book of Hebrews. A difficult and often misunderstood New Testament letter. Our goal will be to finish the course with a good understanding of its:

–Historical setting

–Expository meaning/the author’s purpose for writing the letter

–Doctrinal value

–Practical application for our lives today, as we answer the challenging question: “Is there anything more I need, if Jesus is enough?”in the book of Hebrews.


Knowing and Experiencing God – Pursuing the God who reveals Himself

March 4 – June 3, 2018
Teacher: Bob Bishop

understanding the importance of knowing God and His attributes

applying these ideas to our personal lives

adjusting our life perspective based on the knowledge of God

igniting our passion and wonder of God

enhancing a life of godliness

cultivating our personal worship of God

equipping us to combat false views of God

witnessing more accurately the God we profess   

Knowing God will change the way you view life, yourself, relationships, and the practical issues of life. You will also find that focusing on God will put all of life in  proper perspective. It is our desire that you will not just get to know about God but will grow in your passion for God.


ACE Notes

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Knowing and Experiencing God – Pursuing the God who reveals Himself – Bob Bishop

Lesson 1 NotesLesson 1 Power Point

Lesson 2 Notes | Lesson 2 Power Point

Lesson 3 Notes | Lesson 3 Power Point